It's up to you.


Yes, you. I am not holding a gun to your head, nor am I threatening you. But I did think this pic of Rick might get your attention. So, evidently there are millions of books out there. No, seriously. Between traditionally published and self-published books there are almost too many to wade through. And as a debut novelist I'm like a guppy. A baby guppy. Or a salmon, swimming upstream. (I think my husband's fishing is having an impact here.) Anyway, my point is, getting Nation of Enemies to be "seen" in the world is quite literally up to you. 

It turns out that reviews are *everything*. Of course it's true - if I see a book with several great reviews, I'll give it a chance. Apparently Amazon will "recognize" my book when I have 35 reviews that's my goal. If and and when that happens, they will start to suggest Nation of Enemies in that space they say, "If you liked [INSERT TITLE] you may like Nation of Enemies." 

So back to you. If you've read Nation of Enemies, please (please!) leave me a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. Even if you give it one star, oddly, it will still be "recognized" in the Amazon algorithm. And you will help this guppy/salmon make it a little farther down/up the stream. Here are some helpful links on how to leave reviews: 


amazon how-to link:

goodreads how-to link:

Thank you in advance, people. It is greatly appreciated. 


Holly Raynes