One Month!

It's almost here. Strange to think that in a month, people (not just my writer group and family members) will be reading my novel. Writing is so personal that having it one day be open to the public is akin to sharing a diary. I might feel like I'm running around naked for a few days. But then I'm sure my skin will toughen, I'll get used to people knowing what's been in my head/on my computer and soon I'll feel clothed once again. 

Monday I head to NYC with my agent to visit HarperCollins and the Witness Impulse team. My editor, PR, marketing, and the head of the imprint. I am by no means a shy person but it's a bit intimidating. As some of my close friends will attest, I can stick my foot in it at times. Words come easier to me on the page and sometimes my mouth runs on autopilot. Like the time I met Matt Damon and babbled about the weather ("Nice day! Not too hot, not too cold. glad it's not raining!" On and on.). Regardless, it will be an adventure. As an adult, adventures don't come every day so I'm planning to savor it. 

Also Monday the press release comes out and the "cover reveal" for the book! I cannot wait to share it. Pins and needles, people. Quite the ride. 

Holly Raynes