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Writing is deeply personal and it can take years to finish a book.
I can help you navigate roadblocks - physical or mental - that get in the way.


Often the most exciting time, it's easy to simply run with your idea. But if you do the hard work up front, you can save months, years even, on the life of your project. Developing the outline, plot and characters are essential to creating a solid base for your book. 


The murky middle. At this stage, you may feel directionless, that you’ve lost the thread, the pacing and the point. It’s time to revisit the outline, review your progress and move forward. This is when you need a boost to get you back on track and get excited again.


Finishing a first draft is both satisfying and daunting. The End is rarely the end. The looming revision lurks in your thoughts, the endless notes and critiques from beta readers to consider. It's time to organize and look at your pages with a fresh eye.

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Our writing is as individual as we are and therefore, so are our needs. I can tailor a program for you or you can choose specific options to work on including: Outlining, Character Development, Dialogue, Pacing, Writers Block and Motivational Exercises, Query Letters, Publishing Process Overview, Book Launch Promotions, and more.