Coaching Services


- Coaching Services - 

Ready to get unstuck? Our first meeting is free. We talk on the phone or video chat. You tell me about yourself and your writing and I'll make suggestions about how I can help. Part of this process is about chemistry - together we'll figure out if we're a good match.


Here are a few ways we can work together. I can also create a package uniquely suited to your needs. 


Help by the hour - $90/hr

You'll be amazed how much we can accomplish in an hour. We can discuss outlines, characters, story arc, dialogue, query letters, or any issue that you're struggling with. Maybe you can't get past the first chapter or you're stuck somewhere in the middle. If you'd like, I can review 15 pages of your writing prior to our call, and it can be a critique session. Wherever you are in your manuscript, whatever questions you might have, can be the focus of our conversation. 



If you'd like me to read your manuscript or a portion of it, my fees are $90/hr for Skype or phone calls, plus $30/hr for my time spent reading and working on the manuscript notes. This can be your first 25 or 50 pages, or the entire book. I can help you figure out what's working and what's not, along with how to approach editorial issues, while answering questions you might have about pacing, character, plot, etc. If you have a limited budget, let's talk. I offer a sliding scale. 



This is when we get serious. It starts with a :30-minute Skype/FaceTime or phone call. We'll discuss your book and anything you want me to know at that stage. I will then read your manuscript and submit: 1. Analysis of the script 2. Actionable steps and 3. Intensive editorial of the first (3) chapters. After, we'll follow this up by a :60-minute Skype/FaceTime or phone call to discuss all the major points as well as answer your questions and concerns.