One More Week!

I am ridiculously excited that Nation of Enemies will be released a week from today! A year ago I made a child's wish on a stray eyelash (c'mon, you know you do it too) that my book would be published. And here I am. (Other eyelash wishes NOT answered: win the lottery, no more migraines, eat all the chocolate I want and gain no weight, etc.)

Also pleased to announce that HarperCollins will release a print edition on October 6th! So for any of you who don't have e-readers, or prefer a hard copy, it's coming your way. 

I'm doing a "blog tour" for anyone interested. Will be making the rounds on some fantastic blogs who are reviewing my novel and will also conduct some Q&A with me. I love this new way of interviewing as I can be in my pajamas with children running around behind me and no one will know. Unless it's a video blog, in which case I will shower and get a sitter. 

Here's the blog tour info, where you'll also find some other great reads:

Holly Raynes